PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.

Don’t Even @ Me

Episode #20The Fringe #376

PodKit returns with Ryan, Brian and Brandon discussion Ryan's new work, Puppet and ZSH, Microsoft's surprise BASH at BUILD, iOS colors and more!

Laughed Out Of The Zipcode

Episode #19The Fringe #369

Ryan, Brian and Brandon reflect on our previous episode with follow up, discuss JavaScript Minnesota and #TCSWEDU, then Ryan finally explains his thoughts on the revised WarGame across the board, plus a brief discussion on the latest Apple v. FBI case details and more!

Using Bitcoin to Escape Volatility

Episode #18The Fringe #364

Ryan, Brandon and Brian are joined by special guest but long time Twitter follower, Max Fierke, and they discuss listener feedback, Apple's iAd, rumors about the iPhone 7's lack of headphone jack and the rumored smaller iPhone, Brendan Eich's new Browser -- Brave, and Node Foundation additions, plus Twitter followees!

Life With Tuples

Episode #17The Fringe #359

Brandon, Brian and Ryan discuss shells, web design trends, IPv4 and IPv6, fascinating systems programming and language design, plus, new twitter followees!

1.33 Factor Authentication

Episode #16The Fringe #357

Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson and Ryan Rampersad discuss 2 Factor Authentication in University and elsewhere, Facebook's maybe-nefarious silence, malicious ads, exploration of interesting topics, "pro tier hax", and why money is not poured into schools, among other great topics!

Nothing Much To See Here

Episode #15The Fringe #352

Ryan, Brian and Brandon discuss last week's feedback, the future of interchangeable parts on phones and sustainability, the grand open-sourcing of Swift and Chakra and our new people on Twitter!

Read The Readme

Episode #14The Fringe #350

Ryan, Brian and Brandon convene after a month away, and discuss Github's new/same look, an amusing image library, Foundation 6, Drones and Black Friday, networking gear and more!

If The Lug Doesn’t Fit

Episode #13The Fringe #347

Brandon, Brian and Ryan declare iTunes availability, and discuss Vue.js, Babel 6, AMP, the new Apple TV and new people to follow on Twitter!

The Year of the Stock

Episode #12The Fringe #342

Brandon, Ryan, and Brian discuss the recent Google and Microsoft events, some updates for iOS and OSX, and Brandon discusses his Two Factor Authentication strategy.

Violating SemVer

Episode #11The Fringe #340

Brian, Brandon and Ryan discuss iOS9, Amazon's new tablet and refreshed TV devices, a little story about Marco and blocking ads, tracking and more.