PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.

The Earliness of the Future

Episode #30The Fringe #433

Brandon, Brian, and Ryan discuss Groovy, Grails, Rails, hostel Wi-Fi in Europe, VueConf, Ryan's new website deployment pipeline, and numerous Twitter accounts!

What Is On Your Face?

Episode #29

Ryan, Brandon and Brian talk about Tavis' return, Windows 10 S and the new Surface Laptop, Ryan's pursuit of the Samsung S8+ and of course - Twitter Followees!

It’s Called an iFrame

Episode #28The Fringe #421

It's been four months, and Brian, Brandon and Ryan recount the last few months of time, and discuss the next iPhone and the latest Galaxy S8, the expectation of "frameworks" to last, React Native lessons and more!

Trello As A Proxy

Episode #27The Fringe #410

We chat about Brian's new work with Angular, D3 and ancient versions of Webpack, Ryan's recent work with Angular 1 and 2, MongoDB and more, and Brandon's triumph over his thesis - plus - Twitter Followees!

Doubted The Right Side

Episode #26The Fringe #405

Brandon, Brian, and Ryan discuss Apple's new MacBook Pros, Brian's weatherBot project, the Mac App Store, functional programming, auditing user activity with elastic search.

Tiers Were Shed

Episode #25The Fringe #394

Brian, Brandon and Ryan discuss the pre-ordered iPhone 7 arriving soon, ARM's sudden break, JSMN promotions, AspectJ+AOP with TailF, SSH configs, Jekyll blogging and the late breaking news from Marco himself - plus Twitter Followees!

If You Do Do That, Don’t

Episode #24The Fringe #391

Brian, Brandon and Ryan discuss great slides from Apple's security experts, more Docker koolaid, a Facebook chat bot, plus, we have new Twitter followees!

Excuse Thyself!

Episode #23The Fringe #383

Brian, Brandon and Ryan discuss blogs, and some new work, plus a follow up on Open Source North, as well WWDC news and final predictions and Twitter Followees!

QA Queue

Episode #22The Fringe #382 TF #382

Ryan, Brian and Brandon discuss what they have been working on, some agile experiences, SIGNAL 2016, new Twitter followees and so much more!

Joshua Tree

Episode #21The Fringe #381

Brian, Brandon and Ryan discuss the last few weeks of Brian's college life and his new website and blog, Brandon's new blog, Ryan's new domain, the new MacBook and our intense desire for a new MacBook Pro, a query in React world, and of course, our Twitter followees.