PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.

Big Borg Cliffhanger

Episode #65

Brian's starting a new job, standing desk mats, Create React App 4 Upgrade, Tailwind JIT, and shoutouts!

Cool Gray

Episode #64The Fringe #583

Eleventy, XPath, a custom GitHub Action, and new Apple Silicon Macs for Ryan and Brandon!


Episode #62The Fringe #581

Eleventy and Tailwind followup, fonts, the new Apple Silicon Macs, and New Twitter Follows.

PHP is Great

Episode #61The Fringe #579

Hacktoberfest woes, Elevently, Not using Wordpress for W3C Redesign, TypeScript Explicit Types, and New Twitter Follows!

The Shallow Web

Episode #60The Fringe #578

iPad keyboards, History API, testing React apps, Jest's test.each, and Brandon got a Synology NAS!

Code Harvest

Episode #58The Fringe #573

Brandon, Brian, and Ryan are back yet again, talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and Recoil and React state management.

I Dare You to Type “REQ”

Episode #57The Fringe #572

Brian and Ryan made a Canvas Animation, Brian used Svelte, and the trio discussed React frameworks and platforms with the new Vercel and Remix announcements!