Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

We’re Corporate Now

Episode #87The Fringe #321

Steve wishes Microsoft BOB a belated birthday and talks about some Raspberry Pi articles, then him and Andrew talk about AMD, package managers, spinning rust, Rust, error messages, security vulnerabilities, and his new router.

You’re Changing My Brain

Episode #86The Fringe #315

Steve and Andrew talk about accidental algorithmic cruelty, RASPBERRY!, AMD, Verizon, Microsoft, the NSA, and a few things between.

Smokey The Pi

Episode #85The Fringe #312

After returning from the IHOP, Andrew and Steve talk about Raspberry!, Apple, video, videogames, C#, encryption, Audacity, and other diverse topics.

93% Appropriate

Episode #84The Fringe #310

Andrew comes over to Chris's place to play some N64, then talk to Steve about encryption, Raspberry!, 3D tools, gaming, no Javascript, Stallman, LibreOffice, and then ask Chris some questions. For real this time.

Sideplate Washer

Episode #83The Fringe #307

After arguing about time measured on microwaves, Steven and Andrew interview Chris and share some recipes and thoughts about cooking and meat procuring strategies.

Guy With The Keys

Episode #82The Fringe #304

Andrew and Steve talk about SSDs, submarine cables, databases, Microsoft, apps, listener feedback, and some other tidbits.

I’m So British

Episode #81The Fringe #301

Andrew and Steven talk about ASP.NET on Raspberry!, Linux 4.0, "Superphish", FCC votes, lots of GDC news, what Steven's been up to, some listener feedback, and playing Portal with Chris.

Jenga Pistol

Episode #80The Fringe #297

Recording in the snow, Andrew and Steve talk about photography, Raspberry, security failures, Silver, SSDs, Lenovo, NSA, and a whole bunch of listener feedback.

Special Raspberry! Edition

Episode #79The Fringe #294

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B has been released, and Steven and Andrew are so excited that they did a podcast out of schedule!

Refill My Windows

Episode #78The Fringe #291

Steve and Andrew talk about Chris, gaming, Windows, Firefox, networking, Verizon, EFF, Emscripten, vacuums, and podcast feedback.