Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

Operating System of the Fortnight

Episode #95The Fringe #346

Steve and Andrew talk about what's been going on with 3D printing, BLACKBERRY!, laws, DRM, net neutrality, encryption, and feedback from the last CS and the Berlin TED.

Hipster Vacation

Episode #94The Fringe #338

Andrew talks about his upcoming vacation with Steve, then talk about backdoors in locks, Raspberry Pie, Raspberry Pi, Qualcomm, password cracking, video codecs, Unreal Engine, and a few other things between.

Always 9:42

Episode #93The Fringe #337

After discussing what's happened during the past week, Andrew and Steve talk about a Raspberry pancreas, compression, Linux, confiscations, Firefox, graphics, crashing clouds, listener feedback, and other stuff.

Similar to VCR

Episode #92The Fringe #336

After sharing what happened at work, Andrew and Steve talked about Star Citizen, RASPBERRY, open source releases, Lenovo, hackable cars, Windows 10, and hamburger menus.

This Time Will Be Different

Episode #91The Fringe #334

Andrew celebrates the Windows 10 launch by putting Linux on his new laptop! Him and Steve talk about that, QA testing, Mozilla, passwords, new memory, Newegg, encryption, and lots of little things.

Demolished Mostly

Episode #90The Fringe #332

Chris annoys Andrew and Steven as they talk about several things starting with Open, graphics news, Wildfly, the FBI and encryption, and lots of nonsensical things.

No! My Passwords!

Episode #89The Fringe #328

Andrew and Steve talk about goings on, RASPBERRY!, BLACKBERRY!, game development, password breaches, the government, HTTPS, and OneNote.


Episode #88The Fringe #324

Steven and Andrew talk about food, the apocalypse, social networking, Uber, SSH, Sourceforge, listener feedback, and plenty of other little things.

We’re Corporate Now

Episode #87The Fringe #321

Steve wishes Microsoft BOB a belated birthday and talks about some Raspberry Pi articles, then him and Andrew talk about AMD, package managers, spinning rust, Rust, error messages, security vulnerabilities, and his new router.

You’re Changing My Brain

Episode #86The Fringe #315

Steve and Andrew talk about accidental algorithmic cruelty, RASPBERRY!, AMD, Verizon, Microsoft, the NSA, and a few things between.