Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

Pierogi Day

Episode #37The Fringe #119

Chris sings about bugs, Andrew complains about having them, then they talk about employment, LOLIDIOT, YouTube, consoles, 4K, not caring, web 3d technologies, new video formats, and about what the Feds are up to, along with listener feedback.

Quantum Fluctuations Somewhere

Episode #36The Fringe #116

Chris and Andrew talk about lack of trust, rules of the internet, FOIA, RASPBERRY!, Linux, OpenGL, DirectX, girls, China, patents, Yahoo, Finland, a responsive design trick, building a computer, and listener feedback.

Last of The Tater Tots

Episode #35The Fringe #114

Andrew laments how the past week has sucked, then him and Chris ask themselves a few questions, drive the Desert Bus, then talk about RASPBERRY!, LOLAPPLE, Microsoft reorganizing, federal banning, VLC, gaming on Linux, Linux itself, user experience, more NSA stuff, how SQL treats nulls, trying out Opus, and listener feedback.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Episode #34The Fringe #112

Chris tells another roomie story, Andrew contemplates a potential case of time travel, then they discuss games, tornadoes, HTTP, Firefox, Microsoft, product design ideas, Valve, NSA, Chromium, and Y2K.

A Bloody Miracle

Episode #33

Abandoned, Andrew plows through some Kickstarters, RASPBERRY!, some web browser news, some benchmarks, NeoCities, companies killing things, more NSA news, and listener feedback.

Laser Shooting Dinosaurs

Episode #32The Fringe #107

Andrew contemplates having less clothes, Chris talks about his new girlfriend, then they talk about RESTful APIs, compression algorithims, WebGL dancing, buzzwords, Amazon, Microsoft, more PRISM things, then some listener feedback.

Slimy Devil

Episode #31The Fringe #105

After Chris is let back online by the NSA, him and Andrew talk about squirrels in toilets, RASPBERRY!, LOLAPPLE, doing internet wrong, another Google death, Shakespeare compression, and more NSA stuff.


Episode #30The Fringe #102

Ryan joins Andrew and Chris to discuss Chris' promotion, laptops running out of power, RASPBERRY!, game consoles, Java, and epic NSA spying on everyone.

Apple’s Juice Policy

Episode #29The Fringe #99

Matthew joins Andrew and Chris to celebrate the return of RASPBERRY! Then they discuss Microsoft things, 4K monitors, DRM objections, new logins, Linux stuff, Google searching, outsourcing to contractors, motherboards catching fire, SanDisk's sucky firmware, podcast feedback, and plenty else.

T-Rex on a Soccer Field

Episode #28The Fringe #96

Andrew and Chris review nicknames, talk about space, laugh about Microsoft, and discuss browsers, social networking, X.Org, open offices, chat federation, SQL, Singapore, no more free pop, Ted Nelson, and listener feedback.