Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

Semisteampunk Amish

Episode #42The Fringe #132

Andrew and Chris talk about copyright, the Amish, language, AES, game engines, memory, good judtment, SEO, CSS, and colors.

Space Garage

Episode #41The Fringe #129

Andrew and Chris agree to not talk about the NSA, discuss the number 42, a bus, StarCraft science, updates on Kickstarters, Siria, Linux, Ballmer, FiOS, YouTube, ECMAScript, unwanted wares, adblocking, Xerox, frameworks, destroying code, Firefox plugins, and whitelisting.

Everyone Loves XML

Episode #40The Fringe #126

Chris and Andrew wonders whether or not you should have this much jargon or snails, game genre alphabet soup, reckless twittering, filesystems, Google, Windows 8, XML, the NSA (yet again), war on general computing, and more games.

Penniless Playing Pinball

Episode #39The Fringe #124

Andrew tells of his pinball excursions, then joins Chris and discuss SDL, Linux, SATA, clueless kids, websites being down, hashing algorithims, DeviantArt, NSA, feedback, and some other stuff.

Three Times The Power

Episode #38The Fringe #122

Andrew and Chris talk about the Sun being the end of the world, how to hide, Canada, new things, POWER, assumptions about names, patents, the future, typography, SQL Server, security, Xerox, and listener feedback.

Pierogi Day

Episode #37The Fringe #119

Chris sings about bugs, Andrew complains about having them, then they talk about employment, LOLIDIOT, YouTube, consoles, 4K, not caring, web 3d technologies, new video formats, and about what the Feds are up to, along with listener feedback.

Quantum Fluctuations Somewhere

Episode #36The Fringe #116

Chris and Andrew talk about lack of trust, rules of the internet, FOIA, RASPBERRY!, Linux, OpenGL, DirectX, girls, China, patents, Yahoo, Finland, a responsive design trick, building a computer, and listener feedback.

Last of The Tater Tots

Episode #35The Fringe #114

Andrew laments how the past week has sucked, then him and Chris ask themselves a few questions, drive the Desert Bus, then talk about RASPBERRY!, LOLAPPLE, Microsoft reorganizing, federal banning, VLC, gaming on Linux, Linux itself, user experience, more NSA stuff, how SQL treats nulls, trying out Opus, and listener feedback.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Episode #34The Fringe #112

Chris tells another roomie story, Andrew contemplates a potential case of time travel, then they discuss games, tornadoes, HTTP, Firefox, Microsoft, product design ideas, Valve, NSA, Chromium, and Y2K.

A Bloody Miracle

Episode #33

Abandoned, Andrew plows through some Kickstarters, RASPBERRY!, some web browser news, some benchmarks, NeoCities, companies killing things, more NSA news, and listener feedback.