Control Structure

Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey. And also some other things, just because they are cool.

There Was No Firefox

Episode #67The Fringe #248

After talking about what they've been doing at home, Andrew and Steve talk about Raspberry Pi, Broadwell, game development, the internet, Internet Explorer, OpenGL, USB, Markov Chains, and dice.

Mom as a Service

Episode #66The Fringe #245

After talking about how things Comcast and Kickstarter go awry, Andrew and Steven talk about the demoscene, Hemingway, sales charts, jQuery, CSS, notes, RAM drives, and listener feedback.

The Carpet Shampooer

Episode #65The Fringe #243

Andrew and Steven come around to talk about what's been going on around the internet, two Kickstarters, Raspberry Pis, free Microsoft stuff, web protocols, standards, FCC crashing, listener feedback, and other cool things.

Quantum Variable

Episode #64The Fringe #239

After trying again, Andrew and Ryan talk about Google, Opera, MP3s, DoS attacks, security, HP, IBM, Samsung, Xanadu, Aaron Swartz, accomplishments, podcast feedback, and some other interesting tidbits.

Certain Fundamentals

Episode #63The Fringe #236

Andrew and Steve talk about British knights, Apple acolytes, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, FPGAs, SSDs, memristors, listener feedback, and more, as the storms roll in. Special thanks to LoadingReadyRun and Musopen.

Water in Your DSL

Episode #62The Fringe #231

Andrew and Steven talk about Kickstarters, web links, web browsers, 3D, the future of the Internet, and some more things. Then they tell a story in low bandwidth voices: once upon a time, Tom Chris came back. The End.

Morale Has Improved

Episode #61The Fringe #225

Andrew and Steven invite Ross Nover to the show and interview him about himself, The System and tools that he uses. Afterwards, they discuss a Raspberry Pi tank, computer time, OS user experience, securing HTTP, accessible HTML, colorful games, and listener feedback.

Actual Genuine Scanlines

Episode #60The Fringe #220

On this episode of the food show, Andrew and Steven talk about Rasberry Pi, Dell, Brian Fargo, Unreal Engine, Skype, AMD, internet middlemen, listener feedback, and so much more.

Server Babies

Episode #59The Fringe #215

Andrew and Steven talk about the fallout from Heartbleed, compile times, realistic graphics, servers, Andrew's new backup strategy, a double dose of listener feedback, and more! And don't forget to submit any questions for Ross Nover from The System Comic!

Goodbye XP

Episode #58The Fringe #210

Andrew and Steven say Goodbye to Windows XP, then talk about other operating systems, AMD, Unreal Engine, Microsoft, web browsers, Heartbleed, services that should and are being killed, a rant against OpenStreetMaps, and more.