Meet the Hosts and Guests that make The Nexus incredible.

Scott Kopp

Scott has been a quasi-uncle to Ian R Buck his entire life. An amateur photographer and videographer, he likes going on epic trips with frie...

Sean Stockholm

Sean Stockholm loves consoles and attends the University of Minnesota at Morris.

Stella Cannon

Stella Cannon is close friends with Savannah Haslow and Ian R Buck. She watches a lot of Law & Order: SVU, uses iOS, has more Twitter follow...

Tai Rielle

Tai Rielle is a fan of Guild Wars 2 and loves the old days of Final Fantasy 10.

Tanushri Buck

Tanushri can be found winning championships with their school Ultimate team, but you probably won't find them online.

Thomas McPhee

Thomas McPhee is a Twin Cities-based playwright and actor who grew up in Morris, MN.

Tim Lowe

Tim is one of the co-ghosts of the animorphs reread podcast Minds at Yeerk. He has also made guest appearances on numerous other podcasts su...