Meet the Hosts and Guests that make The Nexus incredible.

Lilly Beyer

Lilly Beyer is a student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and works for the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board. She enjoys...

Mary Austad

Mary is an almost human, who holds to the the truth that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Matthew Linder

Matthew Linder, or Snuffy, is a Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota Morris campus.

Max Fierke

Max is a software engineer. He's pretty cool.

Max Marti

Max Marti attends the University of Minnesota Morris.

Melody Hoffmann

Dr Melody is a Communications Professor, bike enthusiast, AirBnB host, and podcaster based in the Twin Cities. Check out her show, Feminist ...

Mike Sandberg

Mike Sandberg is a podcaster from the Cincinnati area. His show, The Future Jam, is designed to ignite curiosity about where humanity is he...

Paul Schliep

Paul attends the University of Minnesota: Morris and is majoring in Computer Science.

Quentin Pongratz

Quentin Pongratz is a podcaster from Oklahoma. He and Daniel Pool host Double Issue, a show telling stories in an original superhero world.