Meet the Hosts and Guests that make The Nexus incredible.

David Janacek

David Janacek is a friend of the infamous Ian Decker. He plays Guild Wars 2 occasionally and loves Dark Souls.

David K Barnes

David K Barnes is a London-based writer. He is best known for creating the podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats. He also writes plays and adapts...

Declan McCrory

Declan McCrory is Ian Buck's roommate, and he plays games.

Elena Machkasova

Elena is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Minnesota Morris. She teaches a variety of classes, including cryptogra...

Evan Haldeman

Evan Haldeman is a high school student at Harding high school with a taste for pulling apart computers for joy. He currently spends most of ...

Frank Karamaroudis

Frank used to live in Denver but moved to Australia, so naturally his podcast is called Denver to Downunder.


Gwen is author of the Fiery Millennials blog and and cohost of the FIRE Drill Podcast, both focused on helping young adults achieve financia...

James Patrick Miller

JPM is a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. He loves Final Fantasy and the JRPG genre. He was Grammy Award nominated i...

John Gosling

John Gosling is the founder of Level Zero Games, and co-creator of Net Gain: Corporate Espionage.

Jonas Buck

Jonas is Ian R Buck's brother who claims to be technologically inept.