Meet the Hosts and Guests that make The Nexus incredible.

Alex Gunness

Alex Gunness attends the University of Minnesota: Morris and plays Minecraft.

Alicia Gottwalt

Alicia Gottwalt plays Lego games on her Wii and basically every version of Mario that has been available since the Nintendo 64.

Amy Buck

Amy is Ian R Buck's mom, and serves as a foil to his enthusiasm for technology.

Aron Braggans

Aron Braggans is a Minnesota Off-Road Cyclist, and a talented developer in JavaScript, React, Ruby and .NET Core, among other things.

Austin Conrad

Austin Conrad is a philosophy major at Gustavus Adolphus College.

Ben Putnam

Ben Putnam is the son of Dave Putnam. He is learning how to build computers and run Minecraft servers as well as attempting to break out in ...

Cory Lau

Cory attends Gustavus Adolphus and has interests in philosophy.

Dave Putnam

Dave Putnam is an esoteric enthusiast of all things absurd, from tasers to Pentium 4s. He's seen The Nexus prosper and grow since he taught ...

David Janacek

David Janacek is a friend of the infamous Ian Decker. He plays Guild Wars 2 occasionally and loves Dark Souls.

Declan McCrory

Declan McCrory is Ian Buck's roommate, and he plays games.