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Catfishing With Naomi Kritzer

Episode #48The Fringe #565

Ian sits down with author Naomi Kritzer to chat about her brand-new book, Catfishing on CatNet! They talk about the book, its themes of online friendship, privacy, and tracking, as well as digging into some delightful local references. Plus, a few details about the sequel came up as well!

Episode summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:00:45 | What is Catfishing on CatNet about?
00:04:01 | Does anybody get catfished in this book?
00:05:17 | The book's setting
00:06:58 | Automated teaching
00:09:45 | What is the nature of CatNet?
00:14:26 | Small group chats
00:17:29 | Being a teen on the internet in 1990
00:28:06 | Social implications of technology: privacy and tracking
00:36:04 | Delightful local references in the book
00:40:55 | Short story: Cat Pictures, Please
00:44:20 | The sequel
00:49:36 | Questions from listeners
00:55:58 | Upcoming book events
00:57:45 | Outro

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