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Tidying Up Your Digital Life

Episode #41The Fringe #521

Many people have been using Marie Kondo's method to tidy up their physical spaces, but what about all the digital stuff we have? Join Ian R Buck as he sorts through this topic and interviews some of the other TNTV hosts who have given a lot of thought to their digital collections.

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:01:00 | TED27 Update
00:01:50 | Applying KonMar to Digital Stuff
00:09:31 | Everything in its Place with Brian Mitchell
00:23:21 | Digital Hoarding
00:31:53 | Don't Have Files with Ryan Rampersad
00:49:44 | Backup Strategies with Andrew Bailey
01:04:54 | Clear Out Cruft
01:07:00 | Write a Digital Will
01:08:39 | Outro

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