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SO #41 — Do you know any lawyermen?

Episode #475 SO #41

Ian comes up with a brilliant idea for compensating for the fact that he is unsure what episode number the Second Opinion is.

Genetically Modified Cats

Episode #143

After a hiatus, Andrew and Steve return to talk about AMD, Python, Java, SSDs, hard drives, and responsive images. Neat!

Google I/O 2018

Episode #58The Fringe #474

Google has plenty of new announcements for us this year, including Android P features, machine learning, a revamp of Google News, machine learning, Google Lens rolling out to more phones, and machine learning! Sit down with Ian R Buck and Betsy Dadabo to hear all about it.

NS #58 — CTRL+K, for Klickable

Episode #474 NS #58

Ian and Betsy sort the show notes, then complain about teachers patronizing other adults like they were children.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review

Episode #40The Fringe #473

Ryan Rampersad is back at it again with a new phone! He liked the S8+ so much that he upgraded to the S9+, but was it a significant upgrade?

The Philosophical Implications of the Technological Singularity

Episode #31The Fringe #471

If machines become more capable than humans in every way, the world will certainly be in for a wild ride. What will this mean for our society, our morality, and our understanding of ourselves? Ian R Buck is joined by Ian Decker and Mike Sandberg to delve deep into this mind-blowing topic.

TED #31 — The Royal “You”

Episode #471 TED #31

Ian and Ian chat for a while. Then Mike shows up, but doesn't start recording right away. Enjoy hearing two thirds of a conversation!

Massive Data Maw

Episode #142The Fringe #472

Steven and Andrew return to talk RASPBERRY!, operating systems, vulnerabilities (as usual), warranties, shady URLs, PDFs, Payara, and a smartphone (with a blast from the past).