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Episode #15The Fringe #413

Brandon and Brian discuss Apple's new AirPods, and compare them to their other Bluetooth earbuds.

They Had Stack Overflow In ’91?

Episode #121

People got things for Christmas! Well, probably. Andrew and Steve talk about annoying recruiters, LG, IoT, routers, Firefox, cameras, Microsoft, golang, Cyanogen, old kernels, and compiling (stand by).

Off-Topic Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

Episode #19

Ian talked to a lot of people at NerdCon, and naturally some of the conversations took unexpected turns away from NerdCon itself; here are some deep dives into topics the guests are very excited about.

Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

Episode #18

At NerdCon: Stories Ian did something a little crazy; he sat down with random strangers to talk about their time at the convention! They covered a lot of different topics, so get ready for a wild ride!

SO #14 — Plugin Hell

Episode #412 SO #14

Setting up a double-ender is a lot harder than expected. Ian has to troubleshoot on the fly, and Ryan has the brilliant idea of recording a merged version as well as a backup.

Google Home First Impressions

Episode #14The Fringe #412

Despite the fact that not all services are available on it yet, Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad wanted to give you an idea of whether or not the Google Home would make a good holiday gift.

I Drove Over The Cat

Episode #120The Fringe #411

In the middle of a snowstorm, Steve and Andrew discuss RASPBERRY!, AMD, Bitcoin, storage, Microsoft, web fonts, and a few more tidbits, like designing a rather graphic lawn mowing simulator.

Trello As A Proxy

Episode #27The Fringe #410

We chat about Brian's new work with Angular, D3 and ancient versions of Webpack, Ryan's recent work with Angular 1 and 2, MongoDB and more, and Brandon's triumph over his thesis - plus - Twitter Followees!

PK #27 — Help Meeeeeee

Episode #410 PK #27

Before the show, Brandon talks about his experience in SMJC and CSCI, among other things - plus - t-shirts at the end!