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CS #128 — Agent 327

Episode #426 CS #128

Andrew types into the show docs, while Steven reads, then they watch the trailer to Agent 426.

One Of The Three Halves

Episode #128The Fringe #426

Andrew talks about the story behind last week's podcast, Steven talks RASPBERRY!, then they talk about lots of exploits, Python, Linux, SQL, and viewer feedback!

Hold The Light Still

Episode #127

Andrew buys parts for a new PC, and builds it, while Steven hangs around.

TED #21 — Audacity Does!

Episode #425 TED #21

Brian tells Ian about an 11 hour video by PBS. Later, Ian and Brandon completely fail to stay on-topic.

Distributed Social Networks

Episode #21The Fringe #425

Almost all of the social networks that we use are centralized, meaning that one company owns everything. Ian, Brandon, and Brian explore what a social network would look like if it were distributed, meaning that there are many servers owned by different people that still communicate with each other.

GPS Hat, Where’s My Cat?

Episode #126The Fringe #424

The same old guys (Andrew and Steve) go at it again with RASPBERRY!, Ubuntu, Electron, bash, Steam, and some other things they forgot.

SO #18 — Sounds Like Ryan

Episode #423 SO #18

As with every triple-ender, the call starts with 15 minutes of troubleshooting microphone systems.

Mr. Robot Review

Episode #18The Fringe #423

Ryan, Brian, and Ian hack together a review of Mr. Robot, an edgy show about computer programmers trying to take down an Evil Corporation.

CS #125 — The Cat Bug

Episode #422 CS #125

Andrew hunts for the Windows Vista shutdown sound, and explains Road Redemption to Steven.