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Fog of World

Episode #12

Brian Mitchell tells Ian R Buck about Fog of World, a game that reveals more of the world's surface as you travel in real life.

The Plan Was Planned

Episode #407

Ryan shows off his new Pixel phone and looks at some possible smartwatches. Meanwhile, we revisit a time-traveling technique we haven't seen since the golden age of ATN.

CS #118 — Air Hockey On Windows

Episode #406 CS #118

Andrew talks about his journeys, then watches a few Youtube videos with Steven, while both talk about show topics.

Shot Within Wi-Fi Range

Episode #118The Fringe #406

Steve and Andrew catch up on Apple dissappoint, Microsoft, insecurity, HTML, Let's Encrypt, another Google fatality, blog plans, turkeys, and some other little things.

Doubted The Right Side

Episode #26The Fringe #405

Brandon, Brian, and Ryan discuss Apple's new MacBook Pros, Brian's weatherBot project, the Mac App Store, functional programming, auditing user activity with elastic search.

NS #49 — Us is Lyfe

Episode #404 NS #49

Brandon Johnson and Brian Mitchell talk about mechanical keyboard, Thunderbolt 3, and more while preparing the show notes for the October 2016 Apple Event (NS49).

Apple Event October 2016

Episode #49The Fringe #404

Brandon Johnson and Brian Mitchell discuss and recap the new MacBook Pros from the October 2016 Apple Event.

CS #117 — It Works On My Machine

Episode #403 CS #117

After strugging with Skype, Chris is finally able to hear Andrew and Steve, then they start reading 101 ways that your project is doomed.