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New Years’ Eve 2017

Episode #57The Fringe #459

A lot happened in the world of technology in 2017! Ian R Buck, Brian Mitchell, and Ryan Rampersad analyze the major stories to glean lessons about what is coming in the future.

Meltdown Lake

Episode #35The Fringe #458

Brian, Brandon and Ryan discuss Meltdown and Spectre and just how big an issue they really are, thoughts on the powerful new iMac Pro, contemplate the nature of architectural decisions and where they are saved for reference, plus Twitter followees!

PK #35 — Snarky Name

Episode #458 PK #35

Before the show, Brian a TV and will buy some speakers, and Ryan and Brandon talk about React.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Episode #34The Fringe #457

Time for our annual Star Wars review! Ian R Buck and first-time guest Mike Sandberg sit down to talk about The Last Jedi, a very unusual Star Wars film in many ways.

TED #27 — Judgmental Alpaca

Episode #456 TED #27

In which an alpaca judges, Ian talks about possible audio book plans, and Ryan helps Ian encrypt his website again.

iPhone X Review

Episode #33The Fringe #455

First-time guest Aron Braggans joins Ian R Buck to review the iPhone X, Apple's biggest step forward since changing the body size with the iPhone 6.

SO #33 — On the Dot

Episode #455 SO #33

Ian and first-time guest Aron Braggans complain about USB-C. Aron isn't happy with the Macbook implementation, Ian isn't happy with the Pixel 2 implementation.

SO #32 — Yobibytes of Data

Episode #454 SO #32

Brian teaches Ian the different names of storage sizes when counting in base 2 and base 10, and later they puzzle through the various Unicode and Emoji version numbers after looking at Brian's website.