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CS #123 — Hang On A Tenth Of A Second

Episode #418 CS #123

After figuring out Skype for the first time in a while, Andrew and Steve talk about keyless entry to cars, keypads, and automatic colorization.

Jinxed The Next Day

Episode #123The Fringe #418

After mentioning what Trump is doing, Andrew and Steve talk about AMD Ryzen, benchmarks, web bloat, hardware extravagence, neural net colors, and PuTTY.


Episode #417 TED #20

Brian and Ian discuss some of the latest download numbers for the network, since Ryan recently gave them access to the Podtrac data.

Copyright Law

Episode #20

Copyright law can be big and complicated, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to understand! Join Brian Mitchell and Ian R Buck as they delve deeper into this subject that affects almost everyone's lives.

SO #16 — I Need to Read More

Episode #416 SO #16

Despite refusing to be on the actual review, Caleb Buck shows up during the Fringe with some comments and theories about Rogue One.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Episode #16The Fringe #416

Time for another Star Wars movie review! You know what that means: Ian Buck is never going to stop talking. Ian Decker and Tanushri Buck manage to get in a few words here and there.

CS #122 — Tank Hipster

Episode #415 CS #122

Andrew talk about how PC gaming is dead, Steve explored Firefox changes, talk about video games and Firefox extensions. Also, Youtube was having problems.

Cat Sleeping on the Keyboard

Episode #122The Fringe #415

After reminiscing about the cookout a fortnight ago, Steve and Andrew talk about how kids can't use computers, RASPBERRY!, Samsung, PC hardware, Mozilla, Linux, Google, and Microsoft.

Nintendo Switch Reveal

Episode #50The Fringe #414

Savannah Haslow and Ian R Buck sit down to talk about all the details Nintendo revealed about the Switch, and what it means for the system's potential.