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Like A Leg Bone

Episode #72

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss more fiber in Google's diet, Twitter's new music service, Daft Punk's single, technical issues in your password vault, and so much more.

Get Lucky

Episode #77

Before the show, Ryan and Ray talk about expensive cameras and Matt tells us about his car's attempt on his life.

CS #22 — Ig-nore-ence

Episode #76

Listen to Andrew and Chris prepare for the show, a thunderstorm, hail, and shipping your pants.

I’m Sick of This

Episode #22The Fringe #76

Chris and Andrew discuss what's been going on around Kickstarter, solar power, Microsoft, Google, Moore's Law, that RPG spreadsheet, what to call themselves, and DRM. All during a thunderstorm.

Always A Little Bit Elitist

Episode #32The Fringe #75

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with first time guest Tyler Johnson discuss a little listener feedback, Far Cry 3 DLC - Blood Dragon, the delayed Nextbox announcement, the future of memory and a special beta review of Company Of Heroes 2 and War Thunder from Tyler.

Make-Up Sax

Episode #75

Ian Buck and Ian Decker look for a guest before the show, Ian tells Ryan about software and development and after the show, Ian oogles all over expensive swords.

Best Stalker

Episode #71The Fringe #74

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss BlackBerry's return rate, why teens want iPhones, a botnet against WordPress, another scroogled ad from Microsoft, Ryan's early thoughts on and more!

ATN #71 — Shipped My Podcast

Episode #74

Ryan suddenly begins the fringe, try to fix audio issues that are baffling and eventually discover the best ad for Kmart ever.

CS #21 — Eleven Pairs of Shoes

Episode #73

Andrew and Chris talk about personal finances, Raspberry Pi, monitors, and Christopher Titus, among other things.

Protein For The Cats

Episode #21The Fringe #73

Andrew finally has his car; then him and Chris talk about solar cells, Google, Mozilla, Valve, Ubuntu, PNGs, SSDs, Wolfram Alpha, and plenty of other juicy little tidbits!