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CS #25 — Poop Smear

Episode #85

Andrew and Chris talk about 10 hour loops of random songs, little bits of stuff, then complain that they are just too tired.

Lost in the Rice Cooker

Episode #25The Fringe #85

Chris' Kickstarter has finally launched! Then him and Andrew talk about RASPBERRY!, getting a new job, coming back to the internet, bad ideas, Netflix, Debian, "building" software, stats about Google closing stuff, and more.

Keep the Canadians at Bay

Episode #35

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with returning guest Andrew Bailey discuss another Notch game, how Nintendo finally realized their poor Wii U name, malware inside ESEA and special reviews of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and AC3: The Redemption.

EB #35 — Can Sin and Dance

Episode #84

Ian and Andrew discuss the PC Gamer podcast and their archives, a guy jumps in Ryan's well and more before EB #35.

ATN #74 — Street Cred on Dayton

Episode #83

Before the show, we talk about Domino's new live camera feed and Comics Day, and then after, we literally raid Dominos.

Tennis Professional

Episode #74The Fringe #83

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss BlackBerry success and insanity, Apple's next obsolete product, Nook's new edge, WordPress Ghost, a plug on Cree's LED bulbs so much more.

Big Bowl of What The Hell Is That

Episode #82

Listen to Chris eat some dinner, Andrew plays last week's CS intro, and then both laugh at "official" Blood Dragon merchandise.

Suicidal Feelings

Episode #24The Fringe #82

Chris and Andrew talk about a Kickstarter, stuff getting hacked, stuff getting pirated, NDAs, Rust, Google, Paul Miller, the public web's birthday, interviews, pinging the internet, memory architectures, and Ryan's feedback!

EB #34 — Hey There Little Buddy

Episode #81

Before EB #34, Ian Buck, Ian Decker and Alex Gunness play Minecraft and talk and after, Ryan discusses the studio setup with Alex.


Episode #34

Ian Buck and Ian Decker, discuss the Pizza Hut app for Xbox, a strange new game called "Nowhere", Unity is dropping Flash, Nintendo's lack of an event at E3, a discussion on custom PvP Minecraft maps and a review of Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall, from Ian Decker.