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A Bloody Miracle

Episode #33

Abandoned, Andrew plows through some Kickstarters, RASPBERRY!, some web browser news, some benchmarks, NeoCities, companies killing things, more NSA news, and listener feedback.

It’s Called Sally’s

Episode #82The Fringe #109

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss BlackBerry's disappointing Q1 earnings call, a new Gigabit fiber provider not near you, the revelation of Windows 8.1, new Google+ features, a Steve Jobs trailer and DRM in you HTML5.

ATN #82 — Listen To The Pillows

Episode #109

Ryan and Matthew think they sound the same, Matt shares some comics and Ryan tries to filter his history before At The Nexus #82.

BUILD 2013

Episode #22The Fringe #108

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss the changes in Windows 8.1: start buttons, lock screens, wallpapers, security and all of the great things Steve Ballmer said during his time on stage at BUILD 2013.

NS #22 — Margarita Up Your Boot

Episode #108

Ryan talks about a little media PC-server he'd like to build and Matt discusses his desire for a co-host.

Laser Shooting Dinosaurs

Episode #32The Fringe #107

Andrew contemplates having less clothes, Chris talks about his new girlfriend, then they talk about RESTful APIs, compression algorithims, WebGL dancing, buzzwords, Amazon, Microsoft, more PRISM things, then some listener feedback.

News Breaking News

Episode #81The Fringe #106

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl reveal the iPhone 5's next destination, the Xbox One's new DRM-kinda-free scheme, WiFi troubled MacBook Airs, the last days of Google Reader, Microsoft's plea to education and so much more.

ATN #81 — Replace But Do Not Remove

Episode #106

Ryan and Matt talk about Ryan's dad's birthday, some recent owl pictures, distro-rankings, new t-shirts from our favorite critic and so much more before ATN #81.

CS #31 — Zerg Abuse

Episode #105

Chris looks for a Kickstarter, then talks about a $90 game beta on Steam, and Andrew talks about meeting gamer girls and gamer pastors.