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SO #61 — The Edges, The Rim

Episode #525 SO #61


Before the show, Ryan says hello - mentions the sickness from the future in the past, and then after, talks about one more annoying aspect of the physical S10+. (Bonus content about REAPER editing in the latter half.)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review

Episode #61The Fringe #525


Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy S10+ - the fourth phone in his Galaxy experience - from the new display, the punch out camera, to the oddities with the fingerprint sensor, battery certainty, signal reliability, and so much more!

The Pursuit of Happiness

Episode #11


In most of the industrialized world, the "pursuit of happiness" is considered to be an inalienable right. But our current economic system is not set up to allow everyone the opportunity to pursue happiness.

IB #7 — Chicken Hut

Episode #524 IB #7


Matt tells Ryan about class before the show, and mentions... chicken hut.


Episode #7The Fringe #524


Matt learns more about APIs, cookies, local storage, prepares for the upcoming group project and attends the legendary HackerX event!

Work Identity

Episode #10


Society has ingrained in us that the most important aspect of our identities is our job.


Episode #6The Fringe #523


Matt feels the bootcamp picking up speed by learning AJAX and using his first APIs, plus Ryan explains the secret to a cleaner GitHub and finally Matt works on his "brand".

IB #6 — Assign a valuable

Episode #523 IB #6


The studio sounds weird and Ryan recalls his declaration of independence.

Brand Statement

Episode #5The Fringe #522

Matt begins working on his brand statement, finds and fixes some bugs, and learns quirks of jQuery while Ryan finds out that while the Bootcamp class has "career services" they are optional.