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SO #51 — We Have to Is the Time

Episode #499 SO #51


A Fringe to rival the classics! Some good memes and YouTube poop gets shared, Brian talks in detail about his musical tastes and stage lighting, and we take some dives into Buck's digital footprint.

iPhone XS, XS Max Review

Episode #51The Fringe #499


This year we get to review two different sized iPhones at once! Apple is now all-in on removing the home button from their phones, so let's find out how that paradigm is holding up.

Google Minus

Episode #149The Fringe #498


Andrew and Steve are back, talking about Raspberry!, Java, Telltale, Geocities, Wikipedia, Wifi, Chinese hardware, Windows, and Google Plus.

Made by Google 2018

Episode #61The Fringe #497


Despite the fact that the Pixel 3 may be the most leaked phone of all time, Google had a few new things to show us at their annual hardware event. Join Ryan and Ian as they discuss the Pixel 3, Home Hub, and Pixel Slate!

React So Strongly

Episode #42The Fringe #496

The PodKitters discuss programming knowledge, semicolons, Ryan's Galaxy Note 9, and Twitter/Mastodon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Episode #50

Ryan steals the show to review his second phone of the year, and his conclusions are a little unexpected.

CS #148 — Bloody Mary Was That Bad

Episode #495 CS #148

Steven (and his wife) talks about how all the many types of critters break out of his farm, Andrew and Steve review the show notes, then talk about trails.