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Big Borg Cliffhanger

Episode #65


Brian's starting a new job, standing desk mats, Create React App 4 Upgrade, Tailwind JIT, and shoutouts!

MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 Review

Episode #109


Ryan reviews the wonderful MacBook Pro with M1 chip! It's an incredible machine, but you might be satisfied with a MacBook Air - find out more!

Samsung S21 Ultra Review

Episode #108

Ryan reviews the S21 Ultra. It's way better than the S20 and laterally better than the Note 20 Ultra.

Android 11 Review

Episode #106

Ian has been using Android 11 for five months now, so he is definitely ready to give you a thorough review of the latest version of Android! And not a moment too soon, since Android 12 developer previews are just over the horizon...

Cool Gray

Episode #64The Fringe #583

Eleventy, XPath, a custom GitHub Action, and new Apple Silicon Macs for Ryan and Brandon!


Episode #62The Fringe #581

Eleventy and Tailwind followup, fonts, the new Apple Silicon Macs, and New Twitter Follows.