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TED #23 — This Video May Cause Reactions

Episode #437 TED #23


Brandon tells Ian about CGP Grey's podcast, we get a peek at technical problems that happened during the episode proper, and we discuss archive file formats. Exciting stuff!


Episode #23The Fringe #437


In a post-scarcity society, nobody has to work if they don't want to. Ian R Buck and Brandon Johnson explore the forces that can help us reach that state, how such a society would have to be structured, what we would do with our time, and some of the challenges facing us on our way there.

You’ll Always Have JavaScript

Episode #31The Fringe #436


Brandon, Brian, and Ryan discuss supporting open-source communities, Ryan's first React native app, roles in developing software, MidwestJS, and Twitter followees. BONUS: iPhone 8 rumors after show!

Paid My AMD Tax

Episode #132


Andrew talks about his brother leaving, his car getting fixed, then joins Steven to talk about Microsoft, Flash, AMD, Talos 2, GNOME, passwords, and a few other things.

First Time Besieged

Episode #435


Pay no mind, this is a test post to see if our CMS can handle MP4 files.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review

Episode #24The Fringe #434


Surprising no one, Ryan Rampersad has bought another phone! He comes on the show to tell Ian R Buck all about the Galaxy S8 Plus and whether the infinity display really is amazing or just a gimmick.

Pi In The Sky

Episode #131

After a hiatus, Andrew explains why his new computer has been crashing, Steve has lots of RASPBERRY!, then they both talk about Windows, procedural planets, HTTPS, decompression bombs, the trials of multicore, and hard drives.

Tales from the Borderlands Review

Episode #23

After spending five weeks livestreaming Tales from the Borderlands, Ian R Buck and Stella Cannon sit down to talk about the favorite (and least favorite) parts of the game.