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Android 9 Pie Review

Episode #47The Fringe #488


Google surprises everybody by releasing Android 9 in early August! There are quite a few interface changes in this one, so tune in to find out where all the hidden gems are.

SO #47 — Kind of Peaky

Episode #488 SO #47


Ian and Daniel chat about cats wrestling on keyboards, microphones melting motherboards, and many other things.

CS #146 — USB Microsoft

Episode #487 CS #146


After Steven fiddles with his microphone settings in his shack, Steven and Andrew review the shownotes while Ian drops by.

Most Episodic Show

Episode #146The Fringe #487


Time for a celebration! Control Structure now has more episodes than any other (real) show on the The Nexus! Steven and Andrew talk about RASPBERRY!, Windows, Chrome, processors, Java, Firefox, and Let's Encrypt. Then both talk about what they've been up to. Apologies for the poor audio quality, and occasional Steven dropouts.

SO #46 — Levelator

Episode #486 SO #46

Ian, Amanda, and Frank talk about the challenges of recording with multiple people in the same room, the difficulties of Greek names, fast food that's so bad it's good, and of course Ian messes up and hits the spacebar.

Bubble by Maximum Fun Review

Episode #46The Fringe #486

It's not often that we get a serialized audio comedy sci-fi drama! Join Ian R Buck, Amanda Johnson, and Frank Karamaroudis as they gush about Bubble, the first scripted show from Maximum Fun.

Pervasive Computing

Episode #34

We are quickly approaching a world in which we are constantly surrounded by computers embedded in our environment, serving our needs. What are the challenges we face on our way there, and what can we expect to find once we do?

Watch Out for Pros

Episode #40The Fringe #485

We got the new hardware we wanted, but none of us got the new hardware we wanted.