The Extra Dimension

The Extra Dimension features deep discussions on how technology intersects with other parts of our lives. Welcome to the heart of the technological convergence.

The Brian Mitchell Show — Meetup

Episode #12

Ian R Buck, Brandon Johnson and Ryan Rampersad secretly planned to attend Brian Mitchell's Senior Seminar Presentation at the University of Minnesota Morris on Saturday morning. This is a short variety episode from a few hours later of our meetup.

Android Essentials

Episode #10The Fringe #371

Ian R Buck, Ryan Rampersad and new Nexus Device owner Ian Decker discuss the essential settings and features of Android, and some of the essential apps you definitely need to investigate.


Episode #9The Fringe #367

Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss modern encryption and what's in the news that has us concerned.

YouTube Red

Episode #7The Fringe #345

Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss Google's latest subscription service: YouTube Red.


Episode #5The Fringe #343

Andrew details his recent Berlin trip.