In Bootcamp

In Bootcamp podcast is about Matthew Petschl's experience at a local coding bootcamp and journey to software engineer, featuring Ryan Rampersad with industry commentary.

Beginning Node

Episode #10The Fringe #531

Matt learns Node, reflects on Group Project 1 and follows up from Interview Day, a chat on Open Source North!

Interview Day

Episode #9The Fringe #529

Matt's class has a break during the group project, then he tries the interview process for the first time and learns a lot about the process and himself.

Group Project 1

Episode #8The Fringe #526

Matt begins the first Group Project in bootcamp and learns ideation is the hardest part to start, recounts the first HackerX feedback and asks questions about "breaks" at work.


Episode #7The Fringe #524

Matt learns more about APIs, cookies, local storage, prepares for the upcoming group project and attends the legendary HackerX event!


Episode #6The Fringe #523

Matt feels the bootcamp picking up speed by learning AJAX and using his first APIs, plus Ryan explains the secret to a cleaner GitHub and finally Matt works on his "brand".

Brand Statement

Episode #5The Fringe #522

Matt begins working on his brand statement, finds and fixes some bugs, and learns quirks of jQuery while Ryan finds out that while the Bootcamp class has "career services" they are optional.

Catch Em All

Episode #4The Fringe #520

Matt continues his journey into JavaScript: functions, objects, the DOM and even jQuery, plus Matt finds a way to include his favorite Pokemon into an assignment.

Rock Paper Scissors

Episode #3The Fringe #518

Matt and Ryan discuss week 3: a wrap up of CSS with bootstrap, the beginning of JavaScript with everyone's favorite project - Rock Paper Scissors!

The First Week

Episode #1

Matt begins bootcamp, meeting the professor, meeting his peers and finding his flow in class.