Eight Bit

Eight Bit is a show about gaming news, gaming hardware, gaming reviews, and pretty much anything that starts with gaming, hosted by Ian Buck and Ian Decker.

Learn to Nerd!

Episode #49The Fringe #151

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss a Steam Controller demo, the Google-NASA quantum artificial intelligence lab, the seven world records broken by GTA 5, reviews of Audiosurf 2, Stanley Parable Demo and The Wolf Among Us E1 from Buck and Far Cry 3 fom Decker.

Your Local Drag Queen

Episode #48The Fringe #148

Ian Buck and Ian Decker along with first time guest Sarah Quinn and returning guest Sam Roth discuss the New Game Plus trend, Watch Dogs' other name, the Piston's impending launch, debunked Half-Life 3 rumors, more details on Valve's Steam Machine specs, a review of Arkham Asylum from Buck and so much more!

Gaben In Yoga Pants

Episode #47The Fringe #144

Ian Buck, Ian Decker and first time guest Paul Schliep, discuss Sony's hardware to service model, Microsoft's Halo 4 to phone streaming, AMD's Mantle API, China's game ban lifting, three huge Valve announcements, Paul's review of GTA V, Buck on A Machine for Pigs and Decker on Trine 2.

It’s Soft And Squishy

Episode #46The Fringe #142

Ian Buck and Ian Decker play SUPER HOT, PS3 to PS4 incentives, a teaser for the Steam Box and an impending announcement on Monday, Hiroshi Yamauchi's death, and so much more!

Working On Him With It

Episode #45The Fringe #139

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with first time guest Dominick Benedetto discuss the insane graphics of The Witcher 3, a new Indie Humble Bundle, a retro-platformer Game of Thrones, a review of Total War: Rome 2 from Benedetto and Amnesia: the Dark Descent from Buck.

My Pants Left The Room

Episode #44The Fringe #135

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with returning guest Katie Reddemann discuss Minecraft Mass Effected themed DLC, a Mega-Man revival, a virtual reality headset from Sony, Disney: Infinity for PC, reviews of Deadpool and Dust: An Elysian Tail from Katie and Antichamber from Ian Buck.

Jamaican Minnesotan

Episode #43The Fringe #131

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with first time guest Brian Mitchell discuss the Guild Wars 2 first year anniversary, the first taste of Star Citizen, a great Steam Greenlight sale, SimCity for the Mac, a special Nintendo section from Sam Roth, and reviews on Color Zen and Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches.

Paul Horn Is In Our Chat

Episode #42The Fringe #127

Season 2 of Eight Bit begins with special guest Rachel Wolters with innuendo specialists Ian Buck and Ian Decker, with a review of everyone's favorite Android game - Dots, and headlines on Audiosurf 2, Elder Scrolls Online, notes on interesting recent releases over the summer and more!

The Real Devil’s Tower

Episode #41The Fringe #111

Ian Buck and Ian Decker discuss Net Gain's prototype launch, Computer Jesus, Buck's trip to Yellowstone, an Alan Wake review from Decker, plans for a YouTube channel and plans for the next season of Eight Bit.

Watch Out For Bears

Episode #40

Ian Buck and returning guest Ryan Rampersad discuss the truth behind the Always-On Xbox One, a new mobile based Halo game, Steam trading cards and badges and a special review on Kentucky Route Zero.